Welcome to Version 4.0!

A New Look

Clean and refined, with consistant and intuitive controls

Mobile Responsive

Pages automatically adjust for mobile screen sizes

New Workflow

Easy to follow borrower tasks improve the Loan workflow

Quick Access

Emails provide direct links to borrower tasks for frustration free esigning

New Pipeline

Redesigned pipeline with more info and better filtering

Pulling Credit

Better than ever with more features to come soon

Needs List

Reworked from the ground up with many new features

Desktop Underwriter

Run Desktop Underwriter (DU) directly from MyAFILoan

Version 4.1 Update! 4/26/2017

Needs List

  • New Custom Letter of Explanation
  • New Custom Items
  • Borrower Multi-Item Uploads

Pipeline - Additional infomation displayed

Loan Page - Edit agents directly on the page

Bug Fixes & Performance Enhancements

Version 4.1.1 Update! 5/6/2017

Pipeline - Filter and search by agents

PreQual - Update fields from encompass for non-locked loans

Credit Pulls - Soft Pull from Cisco or Advantage for qualified users

Emails - Free type an additional email recipient

Bug Fixes & Performance Enhancements

Version 4.1.2 Update! 5/17/2017

Needs List

  • Persistent Custom Items
  • New Custom Templates

Additional Emails - Manual entry emails persist for the life of the loan

Loan Page - Market Rate for non-locked loans

Bug Fixes & Performance Enhancements

Version 4.1.3 Update! 7/6/2017


  • View Credit Results
  • Additional Admin Functions

Pipeline - Additional infomation displayed

Credit Liabilities - Auto push to Encompass

Bug Fixes & Performance Enhancements